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Alternatives to courses from Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan

There are alternatives to some courses from Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan. This list contains only courses that have at least one alternative found. Find all courses from Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan.

NOTE. Maping of courses from different providers to groups as alternatives was done by users of this web site. It is not officially approved alternatives list. Courses providers did not cooperate with the site when preparing this. Please, use the list of alternatives on your own risk.

Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan

The Open.Michigan collection showcases teaching and learning resources and experiences from University of Michigan (U-M) faculty, students, staff, and partner institutions. The website hosts teaching and learning materials produced by U-M faculty, students, and staff that are licensed under a Creative Commons license (“open license”) that allow for redistribution, copying, and adaptation.

Open.Michigan is not an accrediting body at U-M and does not grant degrees or certificates nor provide access to U-M faculty. You can use the courses from Open.Michigan for free to support your learning, teaching, and research at your own pace.

M1 Human Growth and Development

3 0 0

This course addresses essential learning outcomes in normal growth, development and nutrition across the lifespan, inclusive of ag…

Alternatives (1)

4 0 0

Developmental psychology concerns itself with the changes (psychological and otherwise) that occur as a result of our physical and…

Physics 140 - General Physics 1

3 0 0

Physics 140 offers introduction to mechanics, the physics of motion. Topics include: linear motion, vectors, projectiles, relative…

Alternatives (18)

15 0 0

This free online Physics course covers electronics, electric systems, magnets, sounds and transformers, and much more. It provides…

21 0 0

This free online tutorial reviews motion, electric fields, spectra, energy transfers, force, acceleration, gravity Newton's Laws,…

Spanish 103 - Review of Elementary Spanish

1 0 0

SPANISH 103 is an introductory course to the Spanish language and culture. This course uses a task and content-based approach to l…

Alternatives (5)

17 0 0

Invest 5 Hours LIVE with an Instructor and Learn the Basics of the Spanish Language…

2 0 0

Spanish I can be adapted for a hybrid delivery system or solely distance delivery. The course is media-rich and interactive, drive…